A Failed System

Although I have not been to many places in this country, I can bet my toe that campus is the most interesting of them all.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not a paradise of any sort. In fact, when I remember how teachers in high school used university as a motivation for us to work hard and get good grades, I laugh. They made us believe that uni was the ultimate paradise, the culmination of all our effort, the benevolent reward for our many years of early rising and burning the midnight oil. I remember such phrases as “direct admission” , “university material” and “last year we took twenty students to the university; we are targeting fifty this year”.

University was an obsession. Students would cheat just to score the pass grade required. And it still is.

I have nothing against higher education,and would not discourage any student from aspiring to go to university. I have  a problem with the system. The system which only rewards book warmers and leaves other fine talents to rot in the society. A system which appraises exam grades above character,creativity and talent.

And that is why our education system has become a factory for half-baked intellectuals most of who,like robots , cannot think for themselves, but have been conditioned to cram in order to pass exams. Our national schools have become grade-ovens where A grades are cooked, fabricated and handed to innocent students who have no idea what to do with them.. Go to our universities, you will find straight A students struggling to keep up with the course work, and some eventually quit when it becomes too tough.

I had thought that former C.S was going to bring some sanity to the system, but his efforts were aborted before we could see the fruits.

Something needs to be done..and fast,so as to save the young intelligent minds we have in this country from wastage.