Simply Enough!

You have to stop admiring it in the horizons and just walk right there and get it.

You have been looking at the stars for too long. You have watched the sky enough. Now, flap your wings, spread them wide, and soar; go higher and even higher, you belong among the galaxies.

Wear your crown straight, brother and sister, you are the queen we have been waiting for, you are the King they have been awaiting. This is your moment. Your chance is now. Seize the opportunity!

They told you, you are not enough-liars!

They said you would not make it- don’t believe them.

Your creator knows your value. You are anything but cheap. You matter!

My mentor said to me- ‘be your greatest fan!’. That has changed my life. So can you. Believe in yourself. Have faith in your ideas. Do not allow your past to hold you back.

You know what? The past is called the past because it is, well…past! Don’t dwell on it.

You feel overwhelmed? Cry. Cry some more. It does not make you weak. It makes you human. Then after you are done, wipe off those tears and face the world with confidence again.