The Little Things

It is 5 in the evening. You walk out of the office into the refreshing evening breeze. You are surprised that this outside world still exists, because you had been so busy you forgot everything else. You love your work, but you are as tired as a donkey in Nakuru (I think that’s a simile).

Kiwis and parrots are chirping happily on the hedges. Your office is located out of town, in a green suburb. Children are playing by the road, making happy faces and gay voices. You smile. A wide tired smile.

Home. Arrived. Your little, personal nest. You want to live here, die here and be buried here. But you are not thinking about the death part because you are still young. A bachelor. Living alone. Free and untamed. With no one to share your bed with. No one to ask where you have been. You think of being single forever but then you remember that mama at home has been subtly asking for grandchildren on every phone call. Any way, you decide to head to the shower.

Standing under the shower you are surprised that you still look so fit despite your unhealthy eating habits. You silently thank God for such good genes. Turn on the shower. The first few drops are ice cold, so you step aside. Then back to the sputter of the water. Warm, precious water.

The shower spray hugs your skin beautifully as it trickles to your feet. It’s like it understands how long a day you have had, and now is telling you sorry. You fold your hands backwards and massage your back under the warm water. It feels very good. Then you squeeze your palms against your face and close your eyes, and let the aqua-magic take its toll on you.

Peace. You feel so relaxed now. Eyes closed, your life dances dazefully before you. Memories pour in. Sweet childhood memories that had been buried deep come begging for your attention. And you embrace them, cuddle them. Taking in the pleasure they bring.

It’s been twenty minutes since you came in. No soap has touched your skin yet. So you decide to do some serious bathing.

Thirty minutes in, you are done. Every muscle in your body feels so relaxed now. You feel fresh.

It amazes you how an ordinary shower can make someone so happy.

The chirping of birds can make your smile so wide.

The laughter of children can brighten your world.

Those little things. They matter.