Food For The Mind

A book is the mind of great men made indelible throughout the ages.

It is a rare opportunity to glimpse into the minds of geniuses, some who lived centuries ago, to savor their daring ideas and know how they achieved great feats with little resources.

They tell us that the human experience has been around for a long time, and that our short lives are just but an epoch of the long human history, and the future to come. They inspire us, inform us, elevate us and humble us too.

A man who does not dive into it loses one of the most intriguing, fulfilling experiences that a man can have. While it is not the most natural thing to do, it is worth creating the habit for. Our minds will always want us to watch that movie or tv show.

To read effectively, you should enjoy it. Find those topics which interest you and get some good books on them. You can decide to start with easier reads, or dive straight into the classics.

Those minutes and hours spent reading are awesome. You get entertained, your mind is sharpened, your memory and vocabulary are refined and you become a better writer.

Reading will make us discover our full potential. Read with a purpose and a goal. Want to start a business? Read books on investing. You are an innovator? Find good books and read them. No one who courts books passionately will fail to leave a legacy behind. Above all, read for your dignity. A man who disregards knowledge abuses his humanity.

You will be surprised how much insight you gain from books. You begin questioning things and in so doing free yourself from ideas that held you back. But remember not to get obnoxious with the knowledge you acquire. If you have to share it, do so cautiously, humbly and with people who will appreciate it.

So what book are you reading? Leave a comment.

Some of my favorites:

The Other Side of Midnight” by Sidney Sheldon

Nothing Lasts Forever” also by Sidney Sheldon

“Cosmos” by Carl Sagan


I found that Steve Biko had written a similar story on his blog. I liked the image he used,so I will put it up here. You can read Biko’s  story here.

Happy reading!