Just Do It!

There are those moments in life, we all experience them. The Biblical likeness of “the mind is willing but the body is weak”. You know so well that you should do something, you really intend to do it, but your body has just “refused” to let you do it. You feel like a car with a dead engine that has failed to start.

I have learnt a way to survive in such situations. I am going to share it but, spoiler alert: It is not one of those out-of-the-closet methods from motivational books, but it works anyway. The rule is: just wake up and do it! That’s it. Stop waiting for motivation, or for the ‘feeling’. It may come, but it may be too late. An important opportunity may have passed you.

So you have been having that brilliant business idea but you keep on postponing it, well, now you know, just begin executing it. Or there is assignment that you have been intending to do over the weekend, and now Sunday is almost over-get up and freaking do it! Maybe there is a girl that you saw and you have been intending to ask her out, don’t wait, just go ahead and do it.

Procrastination is a product of fear and breeds fear. Do not allow it to steal your time and consequently your joy. Make the habit of taking action as early as possible.

Whether its waking up in the morning, picking that book and reading it or gathering the courage to attend that interview, approaching your boss for a pay rise-just do it. There is no magical moment that will come to help you.

And again, it is the small steps of progress we make each day that eventually add up to our achievement

So-just do it anyway!