A generation at peril

“You are the hybrids of golden worlds and ages splendidly conceived.” – Abherjani.

Chances are that eighty perent of the people reading this post are Millenials. This is the generation of young people who were born at the dawn of the new Millenium, between the year 1990 and 2000. The oldest of them are graduates , while the youngest are in their second or third year of campus.

Following the Millenials closely are the Post-Millenials, the most recent generation, who were born after 2000. These are the real internet kids, although they have a lot in similar with the Millenials.

These two generations are arguably the most misunderstood phenomena in our society today. They are treated with contempt, and maligned by the older generations. They are known as the Instagram generation, the impatient and get-rich-fast spoiled kids who do nothing but rebel against their superiors. Despite all the positive characteristics of these generations,it is their faults that are glorified.

They are the first generation to grow up in a highly connected world. The world is their village and the internet their playing field. Their teenage experience consisted of texting and Facebooking, and as they joined campus, Instagram came around.

They are well in synch with the rest of the world. A Millenial in a rural village in Kenya is constantly updated of what’s trending in a hamlet in Hemsworth, England or a town in Kansas in the United States. As such, the older generation can hardly put up with them, let alone understand them; therefore they ignore them, or brand them as spoiled.

The fast-paced world that Millenials have grown up in brings with it a hoard of challenges. Research shows that Millenials are the most unhappy generation to ever have lived. Some have described it as the generation that is drowning in a sea of information while thirsting for meaning. They are the most informed generation, yet the most desperately hopeless one.

I interviewed several millenials. Their responses were both insightful and interesting. There is a lot we can glean about this generation from these honest responses. Here you go :

  1. When were you born?

About 80% of the respondents were Millenials. The rest were Post-Millenials.

2. What influences you the Most?

Most millenials are influenced by the Media, and by religion.

Note that parents are no longer a major force of influence upon their Millenial Children.

3. Looking at your life in general, can you say that you are happy?

About 30% of Millenials are either unhappy or do not know what it really means to find happiness in life.

4. How hopeful are you that you will succeed in life?

While a big number are very hopeful that they will succeed, it is worth noting that one out of every ten Millenials are not as sure about it.

5. As a young person, do you feel that older people understand you?

Only 30% of Millenials feel understood by parents and superiors.

What do you think a generation which feels so misunderstood by the people they look up to has to go through?

6. “Aloneness” is the feeling of emptiness and lack of acceptance, even when among people you know. Do you experience aloneness?

Only 20 % of the most connected generation in the history of mankind feels loved, and enjoys a real human connection.

About 25% of them feel lonely often,and as many as 67% of them feel lonely from time to time.

This is despite them interacting with friends online for the better part of their lives.

7. Do you have an interest in the way your country is run politically?

Despite the great political turmoil facing our country and the world at large,about 80% of Millenials do not give a damn about politics, or the people in power.

The Millenial generation is without doubt one of the most twisted, and difficult to understand. Millenials are born to parents who do not understand their modern world, they grow up in a society that sees them as spoiled, and spend their time in the only haven they know of- the internet.

You may choose to ignore them, but you cannot write them off. Their impact on the world is being felt in diverse spheres of business, technology, leadership and art. They are slowly but surely carving a world that they and their children will be proud of.

Are you a Millenial? What do you think about this generation, and what is your personal experience? Leave a comment below.