Characteristics of World-changers

We all want to do something unique in our society and impact peoples’ lives positively. That is why we go to school in the first place. However, education alone is not enough to get us there. Today I will share with you some of the skills and attitudes that are instrumental in becoming a world-changer.

Let’s dive in.

World-changers are not fond of rules

The world we live in runs on rules- be it in business, politics, education e.t.c. These rules are not always beneficial, and more often than not, they are just social conventions that people observe without any good justification for doing so. Game changers have an ability to identify which rules are beneficial and which ones are not, and do not hesitate to break the later whenever necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a proponent of societal chaos, where no rules apply. My point is, knowing which rules to break could be the breakthrough you need in order to change something in the world.

They have No respect for the status quo

When we are born, we come to the world with an open mind that believes that anything and everything is possible. Observe little children and you will be amazed at just how much optimism they possess- from uttering their first word, to taking the very first step- they know of no impossibilities.

However, as we grow up, the society feeds us with stereotypes of what’s possible and what’s not possible, what is acceptable and what is not. These become engraved in our subconscious minds and in turn influence our entire lives. To change the world, you must master the status quo in society and make a decision not to be held back by it. Learn to think for yourself, distilling off all the negative programming that has been imposed on your mind and breaking the artificial barriers that have been set up.

That’s how world-changers are-they do not respect the status quo. They define it. In other words, they are pace setters and not pace keepers.

They understand fundamental concepts

This is an important principle if you intend to revolutionize industries. Game-changers have an uncanny habit of gathering as much information as they can on a given industry or area of life, sieve it critically, ultimately arriving at the basic truths and facts that govern that industry. They know how to separate the opinion from fact.

If, for instance, you intend to shake an industry in Africa, say, the automotive industry. You begin by asking a most pertinent question: Why doesn’t Africa manufacture her own automobiles? Is it a lack of resources, or manpower? Why do we Africans have such a great appetite for imported vehicles? Such questions will lead you to understanding the fundamental concepts and facts of the issue. Then you can build on that and bring the change that you envision.

Don’t be held back by unsubstantiated opinions– find the facts.

They are fearless risk takers

This point should probably have come first. After all the talk is done, the ones who change the world are those who fearlessly take the risk and plunge head first into the arena. They do not dilly-dally in indecision. They are fond of danger, because they understand that it is the deepest and darkest mines that hold the purest gold. 

Many people’s dreams have been choked by fear-the fear of failure, and oftentimes the fear of the unknown. You need to master your mind, and understand that fear is not a reality but simply an illusion in your mind that you need to consciously defeat.

The greatest things happen on the other side of fear, and the greatest risk in life is failing to take any risk at all.

Money is not their primary concern, winning is

Money is power. The smartest people in the world seem to have understood that and have hence amassed large amounts of it. Top in the game is the American business man and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is nine times of Kenya’s GDP. But that is not the point.

World changers focus on simply one thing –changing the world. Money usually comes as a result of their actions, and not as a primary concern.

They have an ability to turn ideas into businesses

This is one of the single biggest characteristics of people that change the world. From reading the stories of great men like Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ken Njoroge, Sam Gichuru and many more, I have learnt that it is not enough to just have an idea. More crucial is to possess the entrepreneurial skills to translate that idea into a profitable business. It is much easier to influence the world as a corporation with resources than as an individual. Think of Google, Apple, Facebook and many other global companies of this century-they are literally running the world as we know it. Google for instance, is the most powerful corporation to have ever existed by virtue of the colossal amount of personal data that they control.

It does not matter how small you begin- build a business around your idea and aim for the stars.

Thank you for reading this far. What insights have you gained? What do you think has been left out in this list of world-changing habits and attitudes? Kindly scroll down and leave a comment in the comments section. You can also click on the small icon on the bottom right to chat with me.

Je vous remercie (Thank you!)