Pains of a Mother

Something is happening in the Kenyan social media scene; a movement, a force – or whatever you can call a group of agitated women fighting for their right. One tweet sums up the whole story pretty well:

Before I delve into discussing a matter that has already received a fair share of well deserved opinions, I am awed by the sheer power and potential of social media to begin a social discourse and inspire change in communities. The #TotalShutdownKe hashtag under which the issue is being discussed is by this evening the top trending topic in KOT(Kenyans on twitter), alongside sister hashtags #SayHerNameKe and #NoToFemicide (I like that word).

I was upcountry the other day, and midway through news, I heard my mother lament ‘Na siku hizi watu wanauana sana!‘. (Murders have increased nowadays). My religious mind reminded me that maybe these are the end times and what was prophesied is coming to pass.

But, wait a moment, don’t our sisters deserve better? Statistics clearly show a saddening rise in femicide cases in the country; the ones we hear of in the news are just a tip of the iceberg! Gender activists have been desperately trying to salvage the situation but it is evident that not much is happening to change the trend. Why is our country killing her daughters? I’m reminded of Margaret Ogola’s words in the High School setbook The River and the Source , ‘…A home without daughters is like a river without a source..’

Who is to blame? Is it the government? The society? Is our family structure broken? We must look inward and ask ourselves these pertinent questions. We cannot let our children to grow up without their mothers. Young women do not deserve to see the grave with warm milk still in their breasts, simply because someone shoved a blade on their throat or forced acid into their guts. No, no, that stuff is for horror movies. Let’s reclaim our humanity for once.

Therefore I call upon every woman, and gentleman, who reads this, go ahead and tweet under the hashtags #TotalShutdownKe, #SayHerNameKe and #NoToFemicide. Stand in solidarity with your fellow women and fight for your right. Above all, pray. Pray for our country because it is sick.

Let us remember our dear sisters who died in the hands of heartless attackers, see that they find justice and that their deaths are not in vain.

Viva Nostra sororibus te amamus!  Long live our sisters, we love you.