Giving ideas life

Software. The life-blood of technology. For every amazing device that we use to perform tasks on a daily basis, there is a sequence of instructions behind it, breathing life into it and commanding it, guiding it and showing it what to do at what point.

Software is the silent, invisible force in your computer, phone, tablet, dishwasher, temperature control system – and every other smart device. Yet we never see it. We cannot touch it or push it around. It does the work. We only see the outcome of its work. It is a piece of engineering that is not made with iron and mortar, but from pure logic and math. Where a mechanical engineer uses bolts and spanners, the software engineer applies formulae and rules. Interestingly, the combination of logic and math, applied in a set of rules, acquires so much force and intellect as to run a production line, to solve complex problems and remember large volumes of information.

I like to think that software, in a sense, is the representation of an idea, a mental process, in an artificial way inside a machine, to give the idea momentum to achieve a certain goal. The biological brain, through firing chemicals and with the aid of organic nerves, generates ideas that are based on emotions. An idea is an abstract formulation of the natural world, either in its true state or in an imagined state. Therefore, ideas may either be confined to the world we know or transcend it through imagination. Now, that idea while in the mind is static; it is full of potential but cannot achieve any goal unless given life. That’s what software does- extracting the idea in a human brain and-like a seed- sowing it into a computer, watering it with some logic and pruning, watching over it until it materializes into a magnificent result. That’s when that cursor on your screen moves, a robot arm does a task or a plane changes course. Life and intellect come into a machine because software has been introduced.

And that’s what I want to dedicate my career life to – giving life and intellect to machines, pushing the human race a step forward and making life more worthwhile for all.